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  • Keeping Your Own Ram

    Keeping Your Own Ram

    When the opportunity arose to keep a high-quality, proven, good-natured ram with our flock, we were excited. We knew that aggressive behavior in rams was difficult to manage, but this sheep

  • Poor Man's Fertilizer

    Poor Man's Fertilizer

    Snow is sometimes called a poor man's fertilizer because it delivers measurable quantities of nitrogen compounds from the atmosphere to the ground. These compounds are produced by both the burning of fossil fuels as well as natural lightning.

  • Planting the Cover Crop

    Planting the Cover Crop

    A fall cover crop benefits soil quality and fertility. With chemical fertilizer applications so costly, "green manure" has become essential on our farm. The mixture of choice is winter rye and hairy vetch. We try to get it planted just as soon the primary crop is harvested

  • Restoring an old Hay Wagon

    Restoring an old Hay Wagon

    I bought an old David Bradley hay wagon, and eagerly set about restoring it. I'd always wanted a wagon for our farmstand, and family hayrides. A local mill supplied the beefy rough cut hemlock for the deck, and I was able to recycle much of the old u-bolts and other hardware

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